“Untitled_TeVeT” in Beach Sloth

Federico Dal Pozzo’s amplifies the near-invisible with the luxurious sound of “Untitled_TeVeT”. Amplified sounds reign supreme over the mysterious work. Throughout it a journey begins to form, one that dabbles in elements of electro-acoustics, drone, and ambient bringing all of it together in a satisfying whole. Small fragments of sound interact in a dazzling display of colors. By opting for such a loose approach Federico Dal Pozzo allows freedom for the sounds to explore a wide variety of terrain without any restrictions.

Industrial blasts introduce the piece. From there elements of humanity, drifting voices from far away come into focus. This allows the song to obtain a perspective of sorts, one which informs the later travails that the sound undergoes. Upon settling into the highly amplified approach the song has a very tactile feeling, akin to hearing a building settling. Very high pitched at first, hardly any low-register frequencies come into view. Opting for such an approach results in something that seems to be nearly endless in scope. Layer upon layer of sound comes together to create something that feels so vital and alive. Eventually this sound builds up ever larger before collapsing into itself. The final moments of the sound clarify this as the way the sound unfurls gives it a meditative quality.

A truly unusual and immersive experience, Federico Dal Pozzo delivers a transmission from the smallest of worlds on the oddly alluring “Untitled_TeVeT”.


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