The concept of “Flow”

Despite an initial free approach moved only by pure creative instinct, during the writing of “Flow”, the connection between the tracks has become ever stronger. I started simply recording background noises with the idea to create a sort of canvas to paint on with sounds. The buzz of people at the central station in Milan, the 8mm projector noise at the art gallery, the sea waves of a cold day in Edinburgh, the floating anchored boat in the lake of Geneva, these are just some of the sonic pictures I captured during my journey. The ¬†song “Morning”, the ordinary Sunday morning hum of the suburb, reveals the fulcrum of the concept : “The importance of the ordinary days”.
We are used to think that only special moments worth to live but this is a huge misperception. Life is composed of many little bricks: few of them are our great and bad days, few more are memories of the past and projects for the future, but the most of the human existence is built by ordinary days, so why we unconsidered them?
Ordinary days are precious life and life is the time we spend in these moments, so ordinary… so important. Great days are sparkles, bad days are holes but ordinary days are life “Flow”….
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