“Flow” in Beach Sloth

With an angelic hue, Francis M. Gri’s “Flow” offers soothing waves of sound. Effortlessly bringing together field recordings, found sounds, post-rock, and ambient into a singular entity these pieces feel akin to snapshots of a moment in time. Gorgeous as they come into full bloom the amount of light and texture used in creating them reveals a true talent for form. By opting for such an emphasis on spacious glorious sounds, Francis M. Gri allows for a sense of peace and comfort to permeate the entirety of the album.Things start off with a growing crest on the aptly named “Swell”. Layer upon layer come together to deliver a truly outstanding piece of work. Moving away from the expansive and going towards more subdued intimate sounds is the tender “Morning” complete with simple yet elegant melodies. Surreal in sentiment is the back and forth cyclical nature of “Flutter”. Various effects are used pitch perfectly as they emphasize the overall sense of spirit that the song possesses. Quite silent is the tactile touch of “Low” where Francis M. Gri allows for a great deal of reflection to result a slowly shifting series of melodies. Ambient drones define the luxurious approach of “Time”. Expanding out into the infinite is the album highlight and album closer “Still Rain”.
Lush in its approach and with an all-engrossing, universal sound, Francis M. Gri’s “Flow” is a wonderful transmission from a satellite heart.


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