KS15 Available now

FRANCIS M. GRI “Flow” is now available in store in digital format and handmade packaging:


Listen and buy here

“Flow”is the the 4th album of Francis M. Gri born after the conclusion of the storybook project “Ghost Dreamers Town”, “Dreamers Stories” and “Empty Town”. The album is the exploration of new vibrant waves and evocative landscapes as intimate, pure sources of inspiration. The result is the most minimal work ever produced by the artist, never so focused on sound details and textures, leaving on the border structures and melody. On the background interferences of daily life has been recorded day by day to be the canvas where he painted with piano, guitars and musical shades.
Recorded in a few months, for its authenticity is definitely the most mature album of Gri who could mark in his musical career a new evolution.
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