“Heartbeats of a premature image” in Foreign Accents and Loop

Two nice quick reviews about the DRAWING VIRTUAL GARDENS album.

  • Foreign Accents: “For Heartbeats of  a Premature Image, Drawing Virtual Gardens (sound artist and multi-instrumentalist David Gutman, one half of the ambient duo Tropic of Coldness) employs heavily processed guitar towards hazy layers of sound design, alternately bleeding (check “115.31 bpm”) and brittle (2 minutes into “98.36 bpm”), chilly (“74.64 bpm”) and volcanic (“116.11 bpm”). As the cover suggests, it brings to mind glowing imagery of shifting, emulsifying rivers. From time to time, fragile melodic fragments dance across the surface, but for the most part, it is zoney drones from here on out. This one comes recommended highly to fans of dark ambient sounds dynamic in assemblage and approach.” Link
  • Loop: “Este es el cuarto disco del artista residente en Bruselas David Gutman quien también tiene el proyecto de dark ambient Tropic of Coldness.
    La fuente sonora es básicamente las exploraciones y efectos que trabaja Gutman con su guitarra que son densos paisajes sonoros compuestos por gruesas capas de crudos y afilados sonidos.
    “Heartbeats of a premature image” es una pieza ambient que tanto flota sobre bellos paisajes como por lugares oscuros.” Link


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