“Introspections” in Beach Sloth

Mellow and mediative, Lyef’s “Introspections” is a quiet delight. Nicely bringing together the vastly different worlds of drone, dream pop, and ambient into an angelic whole the songs positively radiate warmth. The spaciousness of the atmospheres are lovely as they feel simply endless. By stripping sounds down to the absolute essentials Lyef is able to get to the heart of the matter. Such a minimal approach also works to the album’s high production values, as every single small gesture is given great weight. Over the course of the album a kind of narrative begins to form, one which is deeply compelling and oddly comforting. Tying all of this together are the vocals which feel like an ambient Gregorian chant of sorts.Beginning things on a serene note is the crystal calm of “Water”. The glowing nature of the melody grows ever larger with each reiteration until the sound is fully in view. Various bass rumbles, piano, and ethereal vocals come together forming a loose kind of rhythm. More classical in tone is the regal approach of “Paper” with the nimble piano work one of the highlights. On “Air” a gentle melody ensures that the song lingers in the mind long after it is over. “Iron Trees” opts for an active approach as the instruments come close into view, as do the vocals. Closing the album off on a celebratory note is the playful “Unbrace”.

Stylish, tasteful, and subdued, Lyef’s aptly named “Introspections” seems ideally suited for quietly wonderful days.

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