“Heartbeats of a premature image” in Merchants Of Air

David Gutman returns with his fourth release under the Drawing Virtual Gardens moniker. On this record, he further explores the possibilities of his guitar with processed loops, strange soundscapes and minimal melodies. In that aspect, you can blindly trust this album to be another great example of the things this artist is capable of. If you know and like his work, hesitate to longer and buy this album.For those who are not familiar with Drawing Virtual Gardens, I’ll try to elaborate a little further. Like many guitar ambient and drone acts, Gutman arms himself with a guitar, a heap of effects and processing equipment. That would place this act right into the scene where people like Dirk Serries, Stratosphere and Aidan Baker dwell. Yet, while those people usually concentrate on deep drones and atmospheric soundscapes, Gutman adepts a more experimental sound.

The tracks are titled after their respective beats per minute, but please, do not expect beats. This is not a dance album. Here and there, I can sense an underlying heartbeat, which along with the album title and artwork, makes me suspect that Gutman’s family recently gained a member and this whole album is dedicated and inspired by what goes on in the womb. Then again, that just might be my imagination.

What I do know, is that this album is loaded with blissful soundscapes and strange, vague melodies. Although experimental in nature, it remains a nice and soothing listening experience for all fans of decent electroacoustic ambient music. It’s easy to float along with the music and let your imagination do all the work. There’s also a beautiful hypnotic feel to the whole thing, in the right environment that could even be somewhat trance inducing.

I’m not going to mention a favorite song, or any track for that matter. With coherent and harmonic music like this, titles become mere details, deviating the listener from the immersive nature of the music. I will recommend this to every fan of experimental ambient music out there. Check it out and get your hands on a copy of this magnificent piece of music. You won’t be disappointed.


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