“Thisorder” in Beach Sloth

“Silky smooth and stylish, REVGLOW’s “Thisorder” feels like a waking dream. With beautiful textures revealed throughout the album everything feels so lush. Elements of pop weave their way into the mix, as do elements of psychedelic, dub, classical, and even hints of industrial. Tying everything together are the ethereal vocals which seem to come from another world, rising above it all. By allowing for the strong melodies to shine through what is created is an astounding shimmering glimpse of pure joy.With a quiet start is the powerful work of “Bleeding”. From such small beats the song grows larger and ever more commanding. Airy and light is the shimmering minimalism of “Vacuum”. The name is apt as REVGLOW lets the spacious arrangement work to its benefit creating a tense mood that dominates the song. Once all layers come together a kind of elegance emerges from the sound. Large dollops of distortion and satisfying grooves come into view on the colossal at times chaotic arrangement of “Celebrate”. By far the highlight of the collection is the kaleidoscopic rush of color found on “Deep”. REVGLOW bring a little edge on the harsher realm of “Panic” where they allow tension to be an integral part of the proceedings. Echoing handclaps add to the disorienting work of “Weapon”. “Zero” closes the album off with a soothing sea of sound that ebbs and flows ever so slowly.

Unforgettable, REVGLOW’s “Thisorder” shows that their unique sense of song craft is without peer.”

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