Loop – Review “Empty Town”

The Chilean webzine Loop talk about the album “Empty Town”

“This is the second album released in 2015 by Francis M. Gri on Italian KrysaliSound imprint after the album “Dreamers Stories”. Francis M. Gri who started making music in 2004 with his dark project Apart, is KrysaliSound label founder and creator of the online radio station KrysaliSound that broadcast experimental music.”Empty Town” is the third chapter written by Francis M. Gri starting with “Ghost Dreamers Town” [2012] and continued with “Dreamers Stories” [2015].This is a neo classical music album in which predominate the neatness of the beautiful notes of piano, violin, melodica, accompanied by acoustic, electric guitar and electronic arrangements.The cinematic character of “Empty Town” transports the listener to a place where beauty is always present.”
Link here

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